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3 Instagram trends to look out for in 2023

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

There are approximately 1.4m active users on Instagram so for you to get in front of the correct audience (and build a successful page) you don’t really have a choice but to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Here are 3 Instagram trends we recommend you hop onto this year!


Video Content

Reels were introduced to Instagram in 2020, and in 2022, the platform started to prioritize them over photo content, and it will continue to do so in 2023.


✔️ Unlike posts, reels have their own section on the app for you to scroll and browse through

✔️ If successful, a viral reel can be featured on the explore page which is where approximately 50% of Instagram users go to discover new content.

✔️ Higher engagement and views on a reel will indicate to your target audience that your brand is authentic and trustworthy.

How to PACK A PUNCH with your reel:

Create valuable content that your audience will love! You should know your audience inside and out, because if you know that, you know what kind of value they see in you and what content resonates with them. Making the customer experience as seamless as possible is your main goal for when you’re planning content.

Check whether content you want to post is a good fit for your brand and your audience:

✔️ Use the ‘search’ function. Search for key relevant words related to your industry and the more discussion or engagement around that content & those topic, the better.

✔️ Look at insights for your old content and see which ones performed well.

Make your reel accessible for everyone.

✔️Always use subtitles.

✔️Use a font easy to read.

✔️Keep captions clear and straight to the point.

✔️If you sell products, add appropriate links through to your Instagram shop/website and make sure that the links are appropriately labelled.

Using the correct audio

Only USE trending audios when creating your reel. If you’re unsure how to find a trending audio, scroll through reels on your explore page and if there is an arrow in the bottom hand corner pointing up to the top right hand corner, you have yourself a top trending sound!

This is also a great way of getting some visual inspiration from what other people in your industry are doing and how well its working for them (great, free market research!).

You can also search for an audio in the music library when creating the reel which shows how many reels have been created for each track (the higher the number the more popular the song is).

The takeaway:

Keep reels at the top of your agenda next time you’re planning your monthly content strategy to boost your reach and stay relevant within the social noise.


User generated content

You may be wondering what this is, and how it’s different to content creation so let us break it down for you:

  • Content creation: designing and creating content yourself from scratch, using your own brand imagery and video footage.

  • User generated content: any form of content that is created by influencers, customers, and followers of your page rather than by a brand or business. This includes photos, videos, testimonials, reviews etc…

Example of UGC

Let’s say you have a childrenswear company called “kiddywinks” and you want more traffic and engagement to your page but you’ve exhausted all your imagery from previous photoshoots, and you need some fresh faces.

You post a competition on your page and to be entered into the competition, followers need to take a photo of their child wearing an outfit from your brand and they must share it using the hashtag #WEWEARKIDDYWINKS for a chance of winning a spot as a ‘brand ambassador’ for your company. Resharing their images will give you great content and you won’t need to reach for any generic stock photos.

Reposting and sharing content from your fans and customers is a win for everyone. Your customers feel proud that you’re showing them love and appreciation, and you get amazing content to share!

The takeaway: UGC is often more authentic and trustworthy than branded content, as it is created by real people who have used or experienced the product or service.


Relatable Influencer marketing

In today’s world, social media has become a big part of our lives, consumers are becoming more discerning about the authenticity of the content they consume. People are more likely to trust and follow the advice of someone they can relate to. When a brand partners with an influencer who is relatable to their target audience, it helps to create a more authentic message that is perceived as trustworthy and genuine.

Picking relatable influencers & micro influencers that are more relatable, show more ‘real life’ content is on the rise for 2023. These types of influencers usually have a highly engaged smaller following, followers trust them more because they’re more relatable and are pickier with the companies they promote and work with.

The takeaway: leveraging relatable influencer marketing involves a deep understanding of your target audience & who to work with that’ll create content which resonates with your customers.


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